Although not about Campbell Island, still interesting, with a sub antarctic interest.enderby settlement diaries

In 1849 , the Enderby Settlement, so called after its visionary founder Charles Enderby, was lauded by British politicians and other other dignitaries as a "well judged project". With Enderby appointed Lieutenant Governor, as the crown's representative, and Chief Commissioner of the Southern Whale Fishery Company, the lessee of the islands, the proposed colony carried the nation's hopes of reviving its global whaling industry. History records that the ill-fated settlement was to be dissolved within three years, without attaining its ambitious goals. Little was previously known of the eventful life for this isolated society in the mid 19th century, glimpsed now through the diaries of two of the company's senior officers, William Mackworth and William Munce.The story revealed here is a testimony to the courage and endeavour of a small group of carefully selected men and women who embarked on a three month ocean voyage to found a new community in a totally unfamiliar environment.

The Enderby colonists, and the Maori and Moriori New Zealanders with whom they harmoniously shared their island home, were to be the first and last permanent settlers at the Auckland Islands.

Published in 1999 with a limited number of 1000, 266 pages with some colour and b/w photos.

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