The Kermadec Group

The Kermadec Group - The Unvarnished Truth about Sunday Island
By the 1936-37 Expedition Edited by A M Venabales.
Walsh Printing Company 1937

Preface says:

This book on Sunday Island has been compiled from first hand experiences of residence on the island. Most of the information is taken from the diaries and reports of the 1936 party. The historical side is culled from authoritative sources as far as has been possible to collect them.
We are indebted to members of the Bell family at presnt living in New Zealand, for information concerning their time of residence on the island and confirmation of our observations.
We leave the judgment of our labours in the hands of all interested in seeking information regarding Sunday Island.
Auckland NZ
26th August 1937


52 pages, no photos. Brief histories of earlier settlements.

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