The Mystery Lady of Campbell IslandThe Mystery Lady of Campbell Island by George M. Fowlds

This is a 16 page booklet published by George M. Fowlds in Auckland 1964.

From inside front cover:

"Who was she - Princess or Prisoner ?
An examination into the sources and supporting evidence of the alledged kidnapping of the daughter  (or granddaughter) of Bonnie Prince Charlie, from France in the early 19th century, to Campbell Island (a Dependency of New Zealand) in the South Pacific.

George Matthew Fowlds is a member of the Auckland Regional Committee of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and is a former Vice President of the Auckland Historical Society.
For many years he has been a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines on historical matters, scenery, bush and bird conservation and the preservation of the volcanic cones on the Auckland isthmus.
During the years spent in gathering material for the legend of the Campbell Island exile, he checked up on all sources of piblished and unpublished information in the General Assembly and Turnbull Libraries, Wellington; the Hocken Library, Dunedin; the Mitchell Library, Sydney, and the Hobart Library."

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