Coasts of TreacheryCoasts of Treachery by Eugene Grayland

is a 200 page hard cover book published by Reed in 1963.
From the description from the inside cover.

"Eugene Grayland, author of New Disasters and other books, now presents a remarkable collection of true stories of the bad old days, when fear and ignorance bred suspicion and hatred between European and Maori and the outcome was all too often a violent one. When wretched convict crews rose against their ships' officers; when white skippers helped Maori tribes to take bloody vengeance against other tribes; when Bully Hayes kidnapped white woman and brown, these were days of savage lawlessness.

Not all the men and woman of these episodes were savage or criminal. Kindness, self sacrifice, and heroism appear in full measure, and even those who acted in violence often had justification.

In research for these tales Eugene Grayland has delved into dusty archives, old ships' logbooks, the diaries of early missionaries, evidence given at long forgotten trials and courts of enquiry, rare manuscripts.

The stories range in time from 1642, when four of Abel Tasman's seamen were murdered by  hostile Maoris, to the breath taking exploits of von Luckner in World War One."

This book is included here because of two stories. The Sarah W Hunt at campbell Island where two boatloads of sealers went missing and one boatload of castaways were later found after the Sarah W Hunt had returned to New Zealand. And and an abbreviated account of von Luckner from capture to the escape from Motihue Island and recapture in the Kermadecs.


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