Kermadec Islands FloraKermadec Islands Flora - An annotated check list by W.R. Sykes

DSIR Bulletin 219 published by DSIR in 1977, hard back 215 pages.

Sections of this book:
General effects of volcanic activity on the vegetation.
General history of man's activities.
History of the introduction of plants and animals by man.
History of botanical investigations.
Affinities of the indigenous flora.
Disharmony of the flora.
Terms used for the status of plants in the flora.
Statistics of the flora.
Presentation of the check list.
Annotated check list of Kermadec plants.
Distribution of indigenous vascular plants in the Kermadec Islands.
Occurence of indigenous Kermadec taxa in surrounding areas of the SW Pacific.

Approxiamately 60 black and white pgotos and diagrams.


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