* MYSTERY WRECK. Oct. 6th 1864, the Martha a 15-ton schooner arrived in Auckland after Captain Cobbold had collected his shipwrecked crew from Christmas Island, following the wrecking of his vessel Fanny Merriman on June 15th. 
He had sailed the longboat to Samoa, purchased the Martha, returned to Christmas Island and picked up his crew. When heading to Auckland, they had to take shelter for four days at Raoul Island, where they were forced to pick up two desperate shipwrecked men who had been on the Island for seven months.
The overcrowded little Martha encountered a severe North East gale off Cape Colville, losing her rudder pintle, causing the schooner to wallow all night. When they arrived a reporter said they had the appearance,” Of people who had undergone severe privations.” No record of the wreck on Raoul Island has been found, however the two shipwrecked men from Raoul Island are among the following names. W Powell, W Lewis, George Bryne, David McDougall, Charles Nelson, Capt A W Webb, and P Powell.
The clipper, Fanny Merriman, (reg. Sydney) had been sailing from San Fransisco to Sydney, with wheat, flour and some passengers, when wrecked.

As there is currently no record of a wreck or wreckage, it is possible these two "shipwrecked" people deserted their ship and waited for transporrt. There were no settlers on the island at this time to confirm.

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